Wandering Stars – Ready for Pre-Order!

Deadset Press has produced a banger Zodiac series, with anthologies inspired by the signs of the Zodiac.

This year, Deadset are releasing Wandering Stars, a ‘best of’ series, and the anthology is now available for pre-order! (Paperback coming soon!)

look at that cover! *heart eyes*

I’m so pleased my story ‘The Endless Chase’ was included to represent for Scorpio! The Endless Chase is a retelling of the Greek myth of Orion and Artemis, exploring themes of wisdom, human connection and legacy.

I’m BIG into the myth retellings, so this was a FUN story for me to write. It was originally published in Scorpio from Deadset Press.

Available to preorder from:

Wandering Stars is an anthology of speculative fiction tales inspired by the mythology and imagery of the twelve Zodiac signs. This collection features twenty-four of the best stories from Australian Speculative Fiction’s ‘The Zodiac Series’ with each sign being represented by two tales.

The twisted and delightful stories cover many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and are written by some exciting stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.

Shortlisted for the Scarlet Stiletto!

I’ve been shortlisted for the 29th Scarlet Stiletto Awards!

So happy to have my little fictions included on the shortlist. I’ve never entered the Scarlet Stiletto before, though I’ve known about them for years.  Crime fiction, quite frankly, intimidates me! It’s hard to write! It’s got a lot of moving parts. But I thought I’d give it a go and put a couple in. So glad I did.

Thank you Sisters In Crime Aus!

That Stiletto!

From the Waste Land

So excited to share news of ‘From the Waste Land’, an upcoming anthology from PS Publishing!

What is it?

A collection of spec stories inspired by TS Eliot’s transformative poem The Waste Land.

Gorgeous cover work from Cat Sparks!

What is ‘The Waste Land’?

The poem The Waste Land was a game changer, dealing with the cultural disillusionment that occurred after the first world war. I’m no poetry analysis expert, but to me, Eliot’s poem has a liminal feel. Things are changing, from the old ways of doing things to the new, and within that void, people must determine how to live.

From the Waste Land’ gathers spec stories set in the past, in other worlds, in the future, all inspired by this poem.

Who’s involved?

A whole slew of amazing authors were involved in this exciting project! I’m proud to be listed among them, and below, I’ve listed the titles and authors!


Death by Water, by Grace Chan

A Winter Respite, by Clare Rhoden

She Who Walks Behind You, by Leanbh Pearson

The Watcher of Greenwich, by Laura E. Goodin

Exhausted Wells, by Tee Linden

Rats Alley, by Jeff Clulow

Fragments of Ruin, by B.P. Marshall

Dead Men, by Cat Sparks

A Dusty Handful, by Aveline Perez de Vera

Lidless Eyes That See, by Geneve Flynn

A Witch’s Bargain, by Rebecca Dale

A Fiddled Whisper Music, by Eugen Bacon

Mountain of Death, by Austin P. Sheehan

Fawdaze, by Rebecca Fraser

Over the Mountains, by Tim Law

A Shadow in This Red Rock, by Louise Zedda Sampson

Dry Bones, by Robert Hood

April, by Francesca Bussey

The Violet Hour, by Nikky Lee

When’s it out?

November 2022

More info coming soon!

Etherea Magazine #5

So excited to have my story “TrueYou.” in issue #5 of Etherea Magazine!

This story was inspired by an article I read about Snapchat Dysmorphia- where social media users began desiring the filtered faces that they posted in their socials such as Snapchat or Instagram.

Truly a problem of our current age!

“Her new face was grown in a lab. The product was created using patented TrueYou PlasmaSkin, designed using an app on Elsie’s phone. To design a new face, the app only required a three-dimensional upload of her current face and an interactive sculpting stylus, which she’d needed to order…”

– TrueYou, by Tee Linden

Wonderful story art by Etherea Magazine