Print Anthologies

From the Waste Land” (PS Publishing) – Exhausted Wells

“Wandering Stars” (Deadset Press) – The Endless Chase

“Scorpio” (Deadset Press) – The Endless Chase

Journeys” (Deadset Press) – fields of green

Piscies” (Deadset Press) – escape

Aquarius” (Deadset Press) – Olympus9

“Red Gold” (Stringybark Publishing) – the witch

“Pigface and other stories” (Margaret River Press) – bounds

Lit Zines and Broadsides

AntipodeanSF issue 289 – “The Sparrow Maker”

Etherea Magazine (issue 5) – “TrueYou.”

Meow Meow Pow Pow – “the pure mother bee“, poetry

Her Heart Poetry – The Annual 2018

Breach Zine (issue 7) – “waiting for the other shoe to…

TL;DR Press (Nope) – “The Trip”

Panoply Zine “fishy viscera”, flash fic

Meow Meow Pow Pow – “bird head”, poetry

The Ibis Head Review (Mar 2018 issue) – “daffodils”, “jacaranda”, poetry

AntipodeanSF (issue 237)– “Programmed”, fic

Pink Cover Zine (Issue #2) – “kneel”, poetry


Shortlisted for the 29th Scarlet Stilleto Awards 2022

Longlisted for Hachette’s 2019 Richell Prize

Received the 2018 Shire Resident’s Prize for Free Verse and also Short Story – The Sutherland Shire Literary Competition

2nd Place – Rolf Boldrewood Literary Award 2017

2nd Place – Stringybark Publishing, Malicious Mysteries Short Story Award 2017

3rd Place – For Pity Sake Publishing, Short Story Competition 2017

3rd Place – Port Writers Literary Competition 2018

Honourable Mention – Southern Cross Literary Competition 2017

Commended – The Patron’s Prize for Poets 2018

Shortlisted – Margot Manchester Short Story Competition 2017

Shortlisted – Sydney Writers’ Room Short Story Competition 2017

Shortlisted – Alan Marshall Short Story Award 2018